Training and experience have taken you to a trusted level of responsibility. The same is said for our team in the Indiana state and Chicago, Illinois regional areas. When you’re ready to discuss investing in new ambulance equipment with all of the details of customization, we will guide you through the process.

Representing Wheeled Coach, Road Rescue and Frontline for ambulance sales, we maintain a variety of  EMS apparatus demo units, equipment and two fully stocked regional demo sales trailers. We’re your one stop shop for new or used fire trucks and new or used ambulances as well as preventive maintenance, repairs and body shop.

Wheeled Coach understands that EMS is tough work; every situation has unique demands and you need an ambulance that is computer-designed and manufactured to perform under the most demanding circumstances.

The Wheeled Coach Crusader Plus Ambulance offers more driver and passenger room, as well as increased payload capacities.

When you require maximum flexibility and strength for any situation, this versatile Type III is a multipurpose vehicle that performs like a champ in virtually any environment.

Sometimes, a regular size ambulance just won’t do it. That’s why whether answering the demand for fire, rescue, EMS or specialized medical care, this MAV gives you the flexibility to custom build in order to accomplish your mission.

When it comes to mission-ready performance and safety on the scene, our Type I is equipped with top-of-the-line features inside the patient area, like anti-microbial cabinetry interiors, all wrapped in a safety-focused structure.

Each ambulance action area features bio-hazard resistant materials. Equipped with top-of-the-line features inside a spacious mid- or high roof design, these on-the-go units are highly maneuverability.

Built to deliver tough-as-nails cutaway performance for any emergency situation, these aluminum-constructed vehicles buck industry trends in all the right ways with eight ambulance chassis choices. 

With layers of rock-solid engineering that revolutionize the way crews tackle special situations, these Medium Duties are customizable to unique specifications that deliver a lifetime of street tough performance.

Serious about strength this Type I ambulance uses a full-extruded body consisting of 2×2 box tubing, 0.090” single piece aluminum skins and a roll-cage style 1/4” box tubing frame. 

Durability is the standard. Mission ready, Frontline builds the toughest, most agile Type III ambulance modules on the most trusted chassis names.